Make sure you have verified agreed and marked cards before you tee off

Be ready to play by having a Club, Ball, and Tee to hand

A player should take the lead by teeing off as quickly as it is safe to do so. This is normally the player who has scored lowest at the previous hole but the principle of Ready Golf should be applied.

All players should watch other players teeing off (being careful not to distract the player) in case their ball should potentially become lost.


If there is doubt whether a ball has been lost from the tee or any subsequent shot you should play a provisional ball and indicate to the other players that you are doing so.

All players should search for the ball ( remember the 3-minute rule )

Do not play your own ball until an opponent’s ball is found or declared lost, however, if it would save time for instance if your ball is on the other side of the fairway play your shot then join the lost ball search.


Walk briskly between shots especially if there has been a delay searching for a lost ball. If you are consistently holding up the group behind you should consider letting them play through.

If you have fallen a hole behind the group in front you should definitely let groups behind play through.

A typical hole for a 4 ball group should not take more than 10 -12 minutes.

A 3 ball should easily get round well under 3 hours


Do not start putting until all players in the group are on the green

The player furthest from the hole should putt first.

Other players should mark their ball and stand aside so they are not distracting the person putting such as standing in their eye line or casting a shadow on the putting line.

The person putting is in control if they are unsuccessful they have the choice of marking their ball or finishing off the hole. Wait until they have taken their choice.

No player should leave the green until all players have finished the hole.


The best time to verify a player’s score is when they have just finished the hole. You can ask politely what a player has scored and as verifier, you should have counted the shots. If you disagree wait until everyone has completed the hole and then reach an agreement with the player. Ask if other players have seen the number of shots. It is always wise to watch all players in your group. Bear in mind that players can quite innocently forget the number of strokes they have taken.