May Fixtures

All fixtures are subject to alteration due to weather, course conditions etc and may also be revised by the Committee as circumstances change.

May1Sunday Medal & Sun. Agg. S/PlayDarley**
May4Darley Cup Qualifier Gilmour TrophyLochgreen**
May7Bill Duffy Mem . (2 ball better ball)Lochgreen
May8Lochgreen Cup Qualifier/Sun Agg. S'fordLochgreen
May11Wednesday Aggregate "Darley
May14Jubilee (Not a club competition)Lochgreen**
May15Sunday Medal & Agg S/playDarley**
May18Wednesday Aggregate "Lochgreen**
May21Clup Championship Qualifier / May medalLochgreen**
May22Sunday Aggregate S'fordLochgreen
May25Wednesday Aggregate "Darley
May28Darley Cup QualifierDarley
May29Darley Cup QL & Sun Agg S/PlayDarley**